Martha Olson

Martha's art technique begins with glossy magazine pages that she alters by crumpling, tearing, cutting and applying a releasing agent to dissolve the ink printed on the pages. Each page produces a one-of-a-kind image and color palette that she collects and files until there is enough to begin the 'painting' process. The colors, images and her inspirations fuel the creative work of applying layers of paper to create the image. The many layers of paper draw the viewer in for a closer inspection; there they will discover surprise images and their own personal interpretation.

Highlighted Works

  • Wild Fire
  • Paper Weave II
  • Clematis Bourbon
  • Rough Country
  • Paper Quilt II
  • Luster
  • Down Under
  • Reflections in Morning Dew
  • Old Field Oak on Shadow Lake Road
  • Clematis Crystal Light
  • Night Lights
  • Rose #4
  • Brush Mountain 10
  • Abandoned Homestead on the Brown Farm
  • Price
  • Brush Mountain 9
  • Luster
  • Red Mountain Lake