Raka Bose Saha

“My paintings are very personal reactions to what I see; they are visual expressions of my thought processes; they are not direct illustrations of the nature. I try to resist seductive details in favor of imagined patterns. Color and composition are the two most important elements in my painting. I spend more time contemplating the composition of my painting than actually painting it. I do not like to distort forms, but I enjoy unrealistic colors...that is when my works become abstract. I often like to paint on a square canvas, this shape adds to the abstractness of my realistic forms. I feel square is like a block out of the main theme, so it gives the impression that there is more than what the eye can see. I believe that art must show a certain beauty...and the essence of beauty is the idea; the vehicle of the idea is the form. At this point in time, my forms are realistic, the color and compositions are abstract.. I want my work to be understood by the layman and the cognoscente”.

Highlighted Works

  • Full Moon at the Catoctin Mountain
  • View from my Studio #4
  • To the Boat House
  • Field of Dreams #2
  • Cloud Cover
  • Approaching Rain
  • Distant Shore
  • Distant Thunder #3
  • Mesa #3