Lisa Cain

Lisa Cain grew up in Canton, Mississippi, a small, country town where her life was spent picking cotton, walking to the country store,and gathering chicken eggs. Lisa's grandmother played a pivotal role in her life, conveying to her the rich values of her surroundings. The time she gave to her was the greatest gift a child could receive. "From my grandmother I inherited the type of wealth that is immortal. I have transferred the memories of my childhood and my love for country life onto canvas."

Lisa paints scenes which depict Southern life. She enjoys painting church scenes, farm life, baptismal pictures, and pictures depicting grandmothers and grandfathers. Her work is characterized by rich colors and is either acrylic or oil. Her hope is that her paintings can remind the viewer of those days in which simple pleasures of life were important and cherished. She calls her art "Southern Simplicity."

Lisa received her Ph.D in Anatomy in 1992 and currently works as a neuroscientist and educator. She feels that creativity is found in both research and art. Her paintings can be found in galleries and folk art collections throughout the United States.

Highlighted Works

  • Chicken for Dinner
  • Quilting
  • Spring to Heaven
  • A Busy Afternoon
  • Feeding the Pigs
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Pecan Pickers
  • Quilting Buddies
  • Country Baptismal