Terry Thirion

“For many years, my works of art have included and been inspired by natural landscapes and water scenes, particularly the edges of ponds and small rivers and creeks. This was often expressed through abstracted landscapes. Ponds have a particular attraction for me since it is the habitat for amphibians. I have become passionate about the plight of amphibians—especially the power of artists to raise awareness and inspire action. For more than 250 million years, frogs have been an integral part of earth’s web of life. Yet in one generation one third of all species have become extinct. Our natural environment is rapidly disappearing. In my own neighborhood, nearby creeks are being covered by development, lawns and non-native vegetation, which will not sustain wildlife, and ultimately ourselves. Forthe past three years, my efforts to organize and support local events highlighting amphibian decline have raised awareness and ignited positive action by thousands of individuals.”

Highlighted Works