Armand Cabrera

Painting from life, when approached with integrity, is the most honest form of painting I know. There is no filter between the artist and his or her experience; no camera or computer to crop the image and freeze the light moving through the sky. It is just you and your ability---or lack thereof. I appreciate artwork that reveals a dedicated artist in command of their craft--- paint calligraphy, color harmony, strong design and interesting composition---all under control of the painter's hand, manipulated to depict a single, clear idea sincerely expressed in an individual style. The painting must be a unified whole with no inappropriate passages to distract from the artists intentions. Its impact must linger, not just grab with superficial handling.

Highlighted Works

  • Autumn Glow
  • River Rapids
  • Shaded Path
  • Open Air Cafe
  • Dogwood in Bloom
  • Bluebells