Judy Crane

Judy Crane's work represents the way in which she chooses to view the world. She is intrigued by the play of light in nature as well as in man's created environment. She strives to capture the ever changing essence of these constructs as well to convey her emotional reaction to them.

Judy prefers to paint small works in sight. She is then able to record the components of the scene - the light, color and atmosphere. When completing large paintings in her studio, she refers to her smaller pieces and photographs she has taken. By doing so Judy feels she is better able to pass on the true meaning of the place. "My focus is as the eye would see an actual scene. I am pleased when people express a feeling of 'being there' when viewing my work."

Judy received her B.S. degree from the University of California at San Fancisco. She has since participated in a number of painting classes, critiques and workshops. Her paintings have been in a number of selected exhibitions and corporate collections

Highlighted Works

  • Village Colors
  • Sunny Overlook
  • Marsh with Orange Glow