temporary painting

John Gaitenby

John Gaitenby's paintings "represent the beauty of nature combined with the wonder of color and light." He relies on the richness of color, subtlety of light, strength in composition and technique to create complete, captivating paintings. John is drawn to produce works which represent a mood, a tranquil or evocative setting, that provide solace yet may also be intriguing to the viewer. Many of his landscape paintings are meant to "elicit a feeling of calm by simply observing the world around us." He looks to paintings to provide a creative outlet, be it for the painter or observer..

John's formal art study includes college courses as well as various art and drawing classes. He focused on drawing for many years before moving on to oil painting. John hopes to "capture a moment which will create a visually stimulating painting that connects with the viewer on an emotional level."

Highlighted Works

  • Farm House Fog
  • Hilltop Sunset
  • Mountain Clouds
  • Blue and Gold Barn
  • Purple Haze
  • Tuscan Edifice
  • Rural Tobacco Barn
  • Pastel Beach Colors
  • Two Bushes
  • South Forty View
  • Beach Dunes