Amy Levine

Amy Levine's body of work can best be described as sculptural paintings or constructions. Her pieces represent the blending of sculpture and painting, blurring the distinction between the two. The resulting contradictions are integral to the emotional appeal and intellectual presence of the work. The figures depicted are both realistic and amorphous, yet the spaces may be specific or undefined. While many of her pieces are large they remain intimate and approachable.

Each of Amy's works begin with a wood armature. After the wood is covered with acid free foam board, the entire piece is then covered with cotton fiber and gel medium. Once this is strong and secure, several layers of gesso are applied. The figures are created separately, carved out of foam board, covered with canvas and finished with caulk. The figures are then securely attached to the structure with a dowel or rod. The final step of Amy's creative process is the varnishing of both the sculpture and painting.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Amy studied art at Binghamton University and later earned her M.F.A. from C. W. Post College.

Highlighted Works

  • A Capitol View
  • Going Off
  • Farmers Market Stories
  • This is It
  • Amped
  • Life at Five Points
  • To the Point
  • City Market Narratives
  • Now Playing at the Rialto
  • The Sky of Reedy Creek
  • Looking Out