Sydney Somoza

Art has always been an important part of Sydney Somoza's life. Her interest first manifested itself in classical ballet and cultural dance forms. When her focus turned to painting she traveled extensively in Europe to refine her craft. Sydney has lived in South and Central America, New York, Boston, the Midwest and the South, studying with acclaimed artists while devoting herself to full time painting.

Sydney's works have been described as exhibiting a soft freshness and transparency that are unique to her impressionistic style. "It is my intent to spark an excitement in the viewers of my excitement which enticed me to paint the excitement in seeing the beauty in nature."

A signature member of the Iowa Watercolor Society, Sydney has served on the boards of a number of art organizations. Her work has been accepted to be shown at the North Carolina Annual juried water color show and the Southwestern Annual juried art show.

Highlighted Works

  • The Beauty of an Iris
  • Fluff and Stuff
  • Billy
  • Dune Walk
  • The Dunes
  • Rain or Shine
  • Water Lilies
  • On the Shore